OPENINGS for Instructors’ Studio

​$50.00: Rent for a cumulative 12-hours per month.

Individual Pricing

$5.00: walk-ins for main gym floor and spinning

$35.00: month-to-month individual

$30.00: per month 1 year individual

$25.00: per month 2 year individual

​group Pricing

$60.00: month-to-month first two people on account +25.00 for each additional person

$50.00: a month 1 year pairs +25.00 for each additional person

No initiation fees or hidden costs.
Yearly membership contracts are subject to penalties if canceled without cause.
Spinning included with members - all other classes are separate


How do I sign up?

​Stop in at either location or call the business line, 530.333.4162. I am easy to get a hold of, but hard to find. Call the number or send me an email.

How do I pay?

​Use your VISA, Mastercard or checking. Billing is secure and hassle free on the 20th of each month. There is no initiation fee.

How do get in?

​Enter your Member Number and Gym Code. Never worry about a key or card. Your entry numbers are yours to keep forever.

How do I cancel?

​Call before the 17th of each month. I click two boxes.